viannos village oil

  • land of the olive oil
  • land of knowledge
  • land of the sun
  • land of philosophy
  • land of the olive oil
  • land of history
  • land of the light
  • land of the sea
  • land of the olive oil


Viannos is proud to produce extra virgin olive oil of sublime quality, owing to:

The growers’ care and know-how

Viannos olive growers take care of their land regularly and often manually, without the use of any chemicals, hoeing and pruning to ensure that every olive tree branch always receives sufficient sunlight, wind and water.

The climate

Crete is sunny for over 300 days per year. The ideal temperatures and sunlight combined with the rainfalls and the sea breeze not only remove parasites but also enrich the olive fruit and its aroma and form the ideal levels of K232 and K270 that are responsible for the healing properties of the extra virgin olive oil.

The soil properties and the location of Viannos olive groves

A mountainous area, overlooking the sea. The strong sea winds and sea breeze, blowing throughout the year, prevent the parasites from attacking the olive fruits, while enriching them with sea elements.

The harvest conditions

Harvesting takes place around December when the olive fruit starts ripening and it is immediately transferred to the oil mill for extraction within 24 hours to maintain the low acidity and its qualitative characteristics.

The aromas

Viannos is a virgin area with a rich vegetation, also blessed with a prolonged springtime and an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. During the blooming period, bees transfer aromatic elements from the plants, herbs and spices of the area to the olive trees enriching impressively the aroma of the olive oil.